From TBT Co-Presidents Ann Rosenfield & Sheila Luber

First, we want to thank our past president, Jeanne Freeman, for illuminating our path so brilliantly that we may do our best to follow her footsteps.

On the 1st of July, we became co-presidents of Temple Beth Tikvah. As partners in this leadership role, we are a team that is eager to serve you well over the next two years. While sitting on TBT committees, we got to know each other, work together and become friends. Though we are distinctly different, we have much in common and with our respective skills ... we complement one another. We continue to find many things to share and certainly our love for TBT is one.

With two people serving as co-presidents, "we" is the core of our partnership. We will strive to communicate well, listen openly, negotiate fairly, work seamlessly, and make sound decisions with you, for you and because of you. We promise to demonstrate respect, cooperation and collaboration in our approach to governing. Our purpose? To be focused, efficient, productive and responsive as we serve the needs of the community. We are happy to step forward together and apart. Spread the workload and have each other's back. And we also want to have some fun.

Other Jewish communities have implemented the concept of co-presidency. Many have been successful and we plan to be one of those communities. We welcome your input over the coming year. We are both available if you need to contact us with issues, suggestions or feedback to help us become better co-presidents. We need participation from all of you as we continue to build our congregation. Let us know your interests and how you would like to be involved.

We look forward to forming a sacred partnership with Rabbi Johanna, our board, committee chairs and the community at large.

 Ann and Sheila