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At our Havdallah with a Maven on June 27th, hosted by Naomi and Victor Chudowsky, Michael Weingrad, Professor of Judaic Studies at Portland State University and columnist for the Jewish Review of Books, shared his summer reading list — the best new books by Jewish/Israeli authors.

Here is his suggested list:

   1) Matti Friedman, Spies of No Country

   2) Dara Horn, Eternal Life

   3) Sara Perry, Melmoth

   4) Bret Easton Ellis, White

   5) John Haase, Me and the Arch-Kook Petulia

   6) Robert Nathan, Road of Ages

   7) Ofir Touche Gafia, The World of the End

   8) Peter Beagle, The Last Unicorn

   9) Michael Swanwick, The Dragons of Babel

  10) Boris Akunin, The Winter Queen

Michael Weingrad’s website: