Rabbi’s Anniversary Fund

Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

It is necessary for a rabbi to grow in support of their community – to study Torah, of course, but also to be a courageous and authentic spiritual leader to serve and guide.

Rabbi Johanna Hershenson joined Temple Beth Tikvah in 2013. Since that time she has grown personally and professionally, greatly benefiting our community. She is a strong, intelligent, warm and charismatic clergy leader. With humor and wisdom, Rabbi Johanna clarifies and amplifies the teachings of the Torah, making its lessons and parables relevant and accessible. She is a strong moral compass for us, championing community causes, and is a welcomed speaker at many of the churches in Central Oregon.

During her 10 years at Temple Beth Tikvah, in support of her continuing education, Rabbi Johanna was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from the Hebrew Union College; attended the Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis (PARR) conferences and was invited to serve on their Board; trained at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality; attended a Mussar retreat and much more.

In honor of Rabbi Johanna, and to benefit her and the future rabbis of Temple Beth Tikvah, we establish the Rabbi Hershenson Anniversary Fund.

The Rabbi Hershenson Anniversary Fund, established in April 2023 in honor of Rabbi Johanna Hershenson and her 10-year anniversary with Temple Beth Tikvah, supports the development of, and resources for, the clergy of Temple Beth Tikvah, ensuring their work’s importance to our community.

To make a donation in honor of Rabbi Johanna’s 10th anniversary with Temple Beth Tikvah, please click here.

To learn more about Rabbi Hershenson, read her Bio here.