Rabbi Johanna Hershenson
Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

Members of Temple Beth Tikvah are blessed to have a Rabbinic leader that cares deeply about her temple community. Has regard for our individual well-being. And endeavors to help us satisfy our spiritual selves.

Temple members that sit on the board of directors, chair committees and organize interest groups do so for the benefit of us all. And the love of the Jewish experience. They bring us together, enable us to connect and encourage us to engage.

If you would like to reach any of our Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, or Special interest groups, please send an email to: templebethtikvah@gmail.com and use the name of the intended recipient as the subject.


Rabbi Johanna’s office hours are:

Sundays 1-4
Mondays 1-4
Wednesdays 2-4

Please remember you can always contact Rabbi Johanna (541-213-9880) or johannahershenson@gmail.com if you need to schedule an appointment at a time other than what is available via the Calendly link.

Click here to schedule a Zoom meeting.

Click here to schedule an in-person meeting.

Board of Directors



TBT President Kerrie Zurovsky








Kerrie Zurovsky

Vice President
Cere Fingerhut

Lester Dober

Mark Schindel

Members at Large
Richard Lazarus
Michelle Mahony
Paul Spencer

Committee Chairs

Budget & Finance
Mark Schindel

Membership Engagement
Linda Brant

Program Oversight
Kathy Schindel

Team Leaders

Adult Education
Mel Siegel

Bikkur Cholim (visiting/helping the sick)
Suzanne Schlosberg
Evie Lerner
Linda Brant

Calendar Keeper
Kathy Schindel

Chevra Kadisha
Ralph Uri

Communications & Public Relation
Kathy Schindel 

Julie Geveshausen


Jan Freeman Bauer

Religious Education

Venue Logistics
Mark Schindel

Jeanne Freeman