Divrei Tikvah

Rabbi Johanna Hershenson’s Words of Hope

Our High Holy Day season has come and gone. While our gathering could not be, we live-streamed services and sermons and heard the shofar sound from Pioneer Park as many came through to participate in Tashlich, casting last year’s regrets into the river to be carried away. Emerge, we did, from Yom Kippur day, with the Jewish year, 5782, before us.

Our Shabbat Tisch in the Sukkah brought together members of Temple Beth Tikvah and Congregation Shalom Bayit for social interaction, shaking the lulav and etrog, and singing songs of peace. Finally, Simchat Torah Jewish trivia quiz night cues us into the new annual Torah reading cycle.

School has begun and we are all finding our autumn rhythms. Days are shortening, Mt. Bachelor annual early bird ski and board passes are purchased. Sunday school and Hebrew school are in session. Rabbi has a project for TBT teens, organizing a children’s lending library for the Bend LaPine school district filled with books that discuss antisemitism and the Holocaust at different grade and developmental levels. Thank you, Marilyn Shattuck, for the generous collection of said books to be reviewed and organized.

Our Temple Beth Tikvah Board also held its annual retreat to determine and refine goals for the congregation. Just as mentioned during the High Holy Days we are in our Bar Mitzvah year as a congregation. How will we mark the milestone in the life of our synagogue? How will we choose to mature?

It is hard to say when gathering will become our norm again. Nonetheless, we at least owe it to each other to keep reaching out: by phone or email, social media shares and conversations. We owe it to ourselves to brush up on our people skills and seek connection lest we isolate and forget how.

Come explore how Jewish services work in our new monthly Learners’ Minyan. Join a weekly sharing and learning group when a monthly topic addresses a concern in your life in our Jewish Wellness Initiative. In October we are discussing “wise aging.” Pick up the precious subtle lessons from the Jewish calendar about healthy living in our monthly Rhythms in Jewish Living course. Pop into our weekly Chevruta (ongoing adult study group) where we identify a character trait from the Torah portion and discuss how it shows up in our own interactions and sense of self. Or—simply reach out to someone in Temple you have not seen or spoken with in some time.

Temple Beth Tikvah is us…that is to say, what we its members make it.

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