Divrei Tikvah

From Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

The year 2019 is upon us! As during our High Holy Day season, the crisp winter air cleanses the palate from last year’s regrets and sufferings. Each new year’s blank slate is redolent with possibility.

Early this month, January 11th, Shabbat Shirah invites sounds of Jewish music to resonate in us, inspiring hope and curiosity as we grow into ourselves. This year Julie Geveshausen, Jo Booser, and Eileen Heaton are preparing a number of compositions and arrangements by my dear teacher and friend, Bonia Shur (z”l). The service will include excerpts from an interview with Bonia entitled “Profiles in Faith” in which Bonia shares how his life experiences impacted his faith and the music he composed and arranged for synagogue life. We will meet at First Presbyterian Church at 7 PM for this very special Erev Shabbat service.

Another opportunity to continue filling this year’s blank slate with meaningful companionship is our first TBT Tish on January 25th. The “tish” refers to the Chasidic Rebbe’s table, around which students and their families would gather on Friday night to welcome Shabbat with singing, stories, and a meal. Our goal with our first TBT Tish is to welcome shabbat in a joyful and playful manner, share a meal, and get to know each other a little better.

Don’t forget that Tu B’Shevat falls during this month. Linda Brant has communicated with the Forest Rangers at Mt Bachelor and we are invited to take in the beauty of our pine forest with a snow shoe, ranger-guided hike on Monday, January 21st. Pay attention to Weekly Happenings for detailed information.

Welcome back from winter break! Let’s lean on one another to bring in a new year filled with companionship and joy … the fleeting moments add up! Shanah tovah!

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