High Holy Days Tzedakah Project

Each year at the High Holy Days we ask you to consider making a donation to support our ongoing Social Action programs. This year, the High Holy Days Tzedakah Project has designated two opportunities for tikkun olam – The Giving Plate and TBT’s High Holy Days Fund. These funds are invaluable to the ongoing Social Action efforts of Temple Beth Tikvah.

The Giving Plate
Imagine not knowing when or where you’ll find your next meal? Every month the Giving Plate provides food to more than 3,500 individuals across Deschutes County through three hunger-relief programs serving low-income families, children and the elderly. All donations matter whatever the amount when you help someone whose belly is empty. Please consider even a small contribution or a generous one if you can to deliver peace of mind to those in need.

TBT’s High Holy Days Fund
The High Holy Days bring the largest numbers of our members together to celebrate services. They also bring the highest number of non-affiliated families into our community. The size of our congregation continues to grow, and we now live in a world where we may continue to need both in-person and live streaming of HHD services. We also recognize that we may eventually have to bring in a Cantor to conduct High Holy Days services along with Rabbi Johanna. Your donation to the High Holy Days Fund will help us prepare for our future needs.

Click here to donate to our High Holy Days Tzedakah Projects.