Noshing in Bend

There’s challah in Bend? Of course there is! In fact, there are numerous bakeries where you’ll find genuine, delicious challah of all varieties— sweet or whole wheat, plain or raisin, small loafs or large. And you’ll find an array of bagels too!

Try one bakery or try them all to discover your favorites. Some bakeries make their own bagels and challah by special order only. Others don’t make them every day. Call before you go and get current information on selection and availability.

Most grocery stores in Bend and Redmond have a small section of Jewish foods. And many are willing to order or prepare more items around the holidays. Try out the bakeries listed below to buy bagels or challah that tickle your taste buds. You might also spot sandwiches and desserts plus other treats.

Big O Bagels, Southwest Location
61419 S. Highway 97
(541) 317-3924

Big O Bagels, Westside Location
1032 NW Galveston Ave
(541) 383-2446

Hot Lava Baking Company
Sunriver Village Mall #17
(541) 593-3986

Ida’s Cupcake Cafe
1314 NW Galveston Ave.
(541) 383-2345

Jackson’s Corner
845 NW Delaware, Suite 103
(541) 647-2198

La Magie
949 NW Bond Street
(541) 241-7884

Sparrow Bakery
50 SE Scott St.
(541) 330-6321
Sparrow Bakery
2748 NW Crossing Dr, #110
(541) 647-2323

Trader Joe’s
63455 N Hwy 97
(541) 312-4198

Village Baker
1470 SW Knoll #201
(541) 318-1054

Craving Falafel?

1004 Newport Ave.
(541) 318-6224

Mazza Bistro
806 NW Brooks St
(541) 639-8444

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