More about Bryn Hazell

Bryn Hazell image 1With today’s heightened political discord, many families, friends and colleagues struggle to stay calm and civil at even the hint of disagreement. That fact has made Bryn Hazell a very busy woman. As co-founder of the Center for Compassionate Living and a trainer specializing in Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for 17 years, Bryn’s expertise is more relevant now than ever. Her work is built on the ground-breaking NVC communication process developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and practiced by millions of people around the globe.

Bryn met Marshall Rosenberg in 2000. It changed her life and she loves sharing with others the skills she has learned. Here in Central Oregon, Bryn has helped hundreds of individuals to listen selflessly, speak with compassion, and resolve conflicts peacefully. As a volunteer, she teaches workshops and classes, makes presentations, and facilitates practice groups under the auspices of her Center.

We are blessed to have Bryn join us as guest facilitator at our next special community event, Breakfast & Civil Discourse.